yegpeople launch party

Unexpected surprises – pleasant ones at least – are the best.

I got the unexpected pleasure of attending the YEGPeople Launch Event at City Centre on November 13th which celebrated the launch of the YEGPeople website.

My friend invited me to come to the party with the VIP tickets she had gotten. So thanks to her, I had a night out in the parkade of a shopping mall after hours!

Delicious foods were catered by Century Hospitality Group and Jacek Chocolate Couture. I managed to stuff a few cookies and chocolates that were being served, which were to no surprise, decadent and delicious as one can always expect them to be.

The dance performance by NXG Dance Company left me awe-struck. These four ladies that put on the performance were F.I.E.R.C.E.

Unfortunately I missed the live music by Izzy and Erin because I had to step out of the venue for a brief moment. No doubt that they would’ve have been an act to see.

Music by two time Redbull 3Style YEG Champ, DJ Echo and Urban DNA – holding up to his title, the music all throughout the night was on point! It was fun to watch few confident people doing their thing on the dance floor.

Good thing that I made a B line to the pop-up nail bar as soon as I got to the parkade. Soon enough, there was a line of other ladies wanting their nails looking on fleek. Despite the long lines, and the pressure the nail artists were under, they did an amazing job on my shellac nail.

As a VIP ticket holder, it came with its perks 😉 All VIP guests went home with a bag full of goodies from Sante, David’s Tea, The Nailkeeper, Imagine 3D Workshop, Tuttifrutti, DNKY, gravitypope.

Another plus from that evening was when I got to meet Vickie from Adventures in Fashion! Vickie is one of the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met. She kindly took the time to chat with me, have me on her snapchat story, and take a picture with me. Definitely a highlight of the night.

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