#yegfoodfriday : café bicyclette

Looking for any excuse to take a break from studying for my finals so I thought I’d make a post about the yegfoodfriday adventure I went on with my friend last Friday. A couple of my friends and I have been doing this #yegfoodfriday for a while where, like the name says, we get together on a Friday and go on yeg food adventures!

For this trip, we went to Cafe Bicyclette in the French Quarters.

A little funny story here. I was asking some other friends if they have been to this cafe, and no one seemed to know or heard of it. Turns out, I’ve been pronouncing the name wrong! What an embarrassment… In my defense, I never took French in my life and ergo do not know how to pronounce things in French. Wow, that was a lame excuse…

That story, aside, this place was really cute, nestled within Edmonton’s French Quarter in the corner of La Cité Francophone. First thing that I noticed was that everything was in French. Duh! Had some trouble trying to decipher what was written on their menu board, so I had to result to asking the servers for some translation. Eventually, I went for their cream of mushroom soup and a mont blanc. The soup was rich and flavorful, melting my cold body from the chilly winter breeze. As for the mont blanc, no other words can describe it. I was in bliss. I can’t remember the last time I had a mont blanc this great that I decided I had to get another one to share it with my family. The sweet chestnut goodness literally sent me to cloud 9.

Even though the trip was a bit out of the way for a me as a southsider, I wouldn’t think twice about checking out Cafe Bicyclette again.

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