#yegfood miga 味家 edmonton


Yet another new Korean restaurant has emerged in the #yeg scene, but this one is different from any other. Having opened just this past Monday, Miga is a restaurant dedicated to Korean cuisine nested at 9261-34 Ave.

철판 닭볶음 / Stir Fried Chicken with Vegetable on Hot Plate:

I had seen this particular dish on their instagram page already, so naturally I had to go try it out for myself. Nestled in the middle of the hot plate is the stir fried chicken and veggie dish, which is spicy – true to its Korean flavors – yet sweet enough which will likely suit to the general public. Surrounding the chicken are an arrangement of egg soup, cheese, buttered corn and kimchi. These side pocket dishes (other than the kimchi) definitely help in controlling the heat coming from the chicken. If you feel that the spice is starting to overwhelm your taste palate, take a spoonful of the egg soup. Or a spoonful of the buttered corn. Then try dipping the stir fried chicken into the cheese for a different flavor!

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