#yegfoodfriday : Baijiu

I read about Baijou in an article somewhere on Monday. And after a quick search I found that they would be opening the following Wednesday. So naturally I had to go check it out on Friday. I had two of my girl friends who I haven’t seen in months to join me for this #yegfoodfriday.

Very true to their description, the place had a very rustic boozy vibe.

I took a picture of the menu to remind myself what we ordered so that I could post about it. Or so I thought… Later that night as I was looking through my camera roll, the photo of the menu were no where to be found. Also the restaurant had a very dark lighting situation going on so all my pictures were needless to say useless.

Anyways, we ordered a clam dish, a chicken dish, and a squid noodle dish. (sorry for the lack of better description) All three of us agree that the clam and the squid dish was most certainly delicious. Of course we had to order some dessert as well. There were two dessert options on the menu so naturally we ordered both ;P One was a sweet bao sandwich and the other a meringue incorporated citrus plate. All three of was were very caught off guard with the meringue dish. It took couple bites before we got used to it. However at the end we all agreed that the citrus definitely helped as a palate cleanser.

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