#yegfood Dream Tea House – Dream Snow Bingsoo

One of the new ‘it’ things – the biggest trend – for summer 2017 in Edmonton seems to be bingsoo. Not just any kind of bingsoo (shaved ice), but Korean bingsoo. We’ve been seeing them at various Korean restaurants around town, and with two Korean bingsoo focused places opening up soon – Snowy Village & Snowy Desserts – you can’t ignore the increase in popularity of this item this summer!

Dream Tea House recently launched their own menu of Korean bingsoo. You have the option of choosing from seven different choices: matcha, mocha cheesecake, strawberry, cotton candy, mango, injeolmi, and oreo.

My friends and I were definitely surprised to see the Cotton Candy Snow Bingsoo as it came with a side of gigantic stick of pink cotton candy! It definitely was a show-stealer as we got amazed gazes from other customers around us.

From the top left, going clockwise: Injeolmi (인절미) Snow Bingsoo, Cotton Candy Snow Bingsoo, Matcha Snowbingsoo, Oreo Snow Bingsoo

[update] I have tried all 7 flavors of the bingsoo and would say that the matcha one (plus extra condensed milk ;P) is my favorite. 


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