#yegfood Büdok

I have couple friends that all have their birthdays in June and since couple years back, we started doing one night where we celebrate all of our birthdays together instead of having several separate birthdays. So for this year’s ‘Annual June Birthday Celebration’ we went to Bündok (10228 104 St NW) in downtown.

beef tartare, egg yolk, pickled mustard seeds
grilled apple tartine, oka cheese, clover honey
roasted pork ribs, black vinegar glazed, tomato amaranth
grilled herb marinated hen, shredded brassicas, onion jam
sea bream crudo, apple, thai basil, citrus

I loved the small location as it gave a very intimate feel to the whole experience. We probably should’ve ordered more because after sharing all of our plates, we were far from being full. Definitely had a great experience overall, with my favorite dishes being the beef tartare, apple tartine, and the roasted pork ribs.

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