#yegfood Hansik Korean Cuisine

I never have the opportunity to explore the north side of Edmonton generally because of how far it is from where I live. However on Monday, I had the rare opportunity to go up north to check out the new Hansik Korean Restaurant (13727 127 St NW).

cold buckwheat noodles (mul-naengmyeon), black bean sauce noodle (jajangmyeon), stir fried rice cake (tteok-bokki), veggie pancake (veggie-jeon)
post meal dishes 🙂

I couldn’t help but be disappointed with the taste. I’m not saying that the food was bad, but we found that flavors were a bit bland. The fried chicken was cooked real crispy and it was moist and tender. But it didn’t have enough sauce on it. The cold buckwheat noodle was good but we would’ve liked it to be colder. All the dishes seemed to be lacking that last 10% to make it good. They’re still in their early phases as they’re relatively new to the Edmonton scene, so I hope that as they settle into the scene there will be some improvements.

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