Edmonton Bingsoo Scene

These days, it seems so hard to keep track of all the new shaved ice / bingsoo stores opening as there is a continuous flow of new stores opening one after another. They just seem to be popping up all over the city like dandelions! I can say that by this point, I have tried a majority of the places in Edmonton, so here is my brief ranking of the current bingsoo stores in Edmonton:

1. Snowy Village – In my opinion, Snowy Village has the perfect balance in all of their bingsoos, regardless of which flavor you order

2. Seorak/Hanjan – These two locations are pretty on par with Snowy Village. I just feel like Snowy Village has that certain “je ne sais quoi” thing that made me put them above these two.

3. Dream Tea – It’s your average bingsoo. They were popular when they were the first store in Edmonton to have bingsoo, but now that there are other competitors, they’ve naturally fallen down in rank.

4. Snowy Dessert – Definitely less sweet compared to all of its competitors.

Check out my instagram (@jun3park) for pictures.

Still have yet to try: Let Eat Snow, Snow Bear Dessert Cafe (Opening soon)

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